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Your Colorado Dental Laboratory

Your Colorado Dental Laboratory

Our Team Moves Mountains for Every Case

Peak Dental Technologies is located in Lakewood, Colorado. We are proud to serve as a resource for dental clinicians and dental laboratories. We offer high-quality restorations and digital services that allow for reliable and trustworthy outsourcing. Every dental product that is fabricated in-house at our state-of-the-art facility is backed by the latest digital innovations. The Peak Dental Technologies team is committed to fulfilling cases with superior fit, function, and esthetics, so every patient will be highly satisfied with their results.

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Digital Dentistry

Partner with a Dental Laboratory that Invests in the Future

At Peak Dental Technologies, our team understands that keeping pace with the industry requires continued capital investments and maintaining the latest and leading software. Our Lakewood, Colorado facility is backed by a wide variety of 5-axis mills, sintering ovens, scanners, 3D printers, and more. This digital dentistry equipment allows us to provide dental clinicians and laboratories with high-quality, innovative restorations, such as Ascent 4D Zirconia, custom abutments, precision-milled bars, and much more.

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Digital Dentistry

Superior Dental Restorations Backed by Digital Excellence

Peak Dental Technologies is the dental laboratory you can trust for every case. We pride ourselves on the work we fabricate and are available to discuss your case needs.

Fixed Restorations


Provide the best crown and bridge restorations available with Peak Dental Technologies fixed restorations. We assist leading manufactures in developing future materials and equipment. This places Peak Dental at the forefront of new products to come, offering our clients the best and latest materials on the market. Using the latest processes and innovative equipment in-house at our facility in Colorado, our restorations ensure you and your patient's complete satisfaction.

Ascent 4D Zirconia Pinnacle Posterior Zirconia

Partial Frameworks

Peak Dental Technologies offers flexible frameworks that provide the ideal base for partial denture prostheses. Choose the best option for your case out of our high-quality materials, including Clear, Pink, and milled Titanium frameworks.

Partial Frameworks
Partial Framework Restorations
Implant Restorations


Our team is comprised of dental technicians that understand the technical challenges that implant cases can present. We offer every implant solution you may need, including abutments, Ascent4D Screw-Retained Zirconia bridges, and precision-milled bars.

Hybrid Screw-Retained Bridge


Peak Dental Technologies is available to assist your team with a variety of services. Our team is committed to providing the best restorations, backed by additional services such as stain and glaze, remote support, and CAD design.

Models Stain & Glaze Design
Additional Services

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